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About REACH/Traverse Place

REACH/TP originally started in 1977 as just REACH. It was a response to the growing concerns in the community with runaway youth. Soon, a task force was created by representatives from schools, probate court officials, law enforcement, community agencies, clergy, and young people. They met to establish the agency and the main mission of helping youth in need.

Becoming an independent community program

In 1981, REACH was able to get federal funding and become an independent community program to help youth aged 10-17 in need. They were even able to expand their services to include not only Genesee County, but Lapeer and Shiawassee Counties as well.

Introduction of Traverse Place

Starting in 1996, funds were received to purchase and renovate a transitional living facility. This operation was part of the continuum of care agency strategy to serve the homeless youth in the area. In 1998, Traverse Place started taking residents aged 17-21 to help get them on their feet and off the streets.

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Michigan Network for Youth and Families

REACH/Traverse Place belongs to the Michigan Network for Youth and Families. This is a statewide network that is designed to assist runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth. There are only 22 members and every one of these members has to maintain and meet a certain set of standards of care. Michigan is only 1 out of 6 states that provide this kind of network for youth and families.

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