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You Deserve to Get a Great Education

Even if you’re unable to get scholarships, grants, loans or simply don’t know where to begin and have no one to turn to, you can still succeed in college. To be successful, you will have to develop and improve yourself. We will help you get there.

Get assistance with your college tuition and costs

Traverse Place is proud to provide residents with the resources to excel in life by graduating college. Education can be expensive, but if you put forth earnest effort, we will help you succeed. Our program is here to help you get on your feet and get a proper education.

Your journey to success starts with a diploma

Not graduating high school will create a challenge for you and fail to show employers your true worth and intelligence. While you stay at Traverse Place, we will provide you with the means to earn your diploma, so you can begin your journey to a successful career.

Start bettering your life today. You have resources and a community that cares about your education.

Contact Traverse Place to begin your journey to early success!


Become independent while you learn

At Traverse Place, we will help you develop the life skills, attitude, and determination to be independent. By working with us, you will learn to enjoy a lifestyle that suits your happiness and health. You’ll learn how to budget your finances, live responsibly on your own, and be free of conflict from others.