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Work with Us and We’ll Work for You

Traverse Place is happy to welcome young people from all walks of life. You’ll begin a journey to a better, independent life of success and we will support you through it all. This requires commitments from you, which you will find below:

Success starts with hard work

While at the 21-month program located at Traverse Place, employment is required. You will explore the workforce and begin to develop your skills, allowing you to build a resumé. This is important for the success you will achieve while at Traverse Place.

Success will be found in education

Working harder, not smarter, is simply not the path to take. While at Traverse Place, continuing education is required. You will continue developing your professional skills through employment, but you will also begin the journey to a fulfilling career through graduation – earning a job you truly love!

Start bettering your life; call for more information about Traverse Place!


Develop the skills to live independently

At Traverse Place, you will begin learning how to manage the money you earn. You will open a bank account, and receive professional guidance on budgeting your money for savings and future expenses – like an apartment and car!

You will earn the things you need to live on your own

You will enter Traverse Place on a probationary period, but you will leave Traverse Place with more than just skills and success. At Traverse Place, you will gain “levels” as you develop.


Each time you “level up”, you will get to choose, from a list of items, what you want for your living space when you graduate.


When you graduate from Traverse Place, you can have an extensive list of items you need to furnish your apartment! This is our gift to you, for all your commitment and hard work to better yourself.

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